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Talisman 7

What is Talisman7 ?


Talisman7 is a back office system for the Insurance Industry.

Talisman7 has had continual development since its original conception in 1997. It is simple but effective and easy to use, which provides the user with a very powerful tool.

For those intermediaries that issue documentation, Talisman7 is ideal. It may be configured to produce schedules and EL-Certificates as per the user requirements. Also, it will provide all those essential reports that Underwriters need.

Security is very important. Talisman7 allows the user to define different levels of access. It is password protected both as a whole and at the individual level to keep your business secure.

Tracking income is also very important. Talisman7 allows for full reconciliation of monies from clients and/or brokers and to insurers, surveyors and claim adjusters. There is, therefore, a complete audit trail of monies coming in and going out.

All at a touch of a button !



What is available ?


Flexibility and Reliability

Talisman7 has been designed to be adaptable.

For those Intermediaries that produce their own policies, Talisman7 is multi-talented. Currently it has the ability to produce, Professional Indemnity, Retailer’s Package, Commercial Combined, Liability only, Property Owners and Household policy schedules to your own design. The system also produces Employers Liability Certificates, which can incorporate the “carriers” logo and your company logo in full colour if required.   

There is screen help on all pages. Just click the button for help and guidance.

Checks the new name and postcode automatically to avoid the embarrassment of duplication.

Reliability is a major factor. The way the system is constructed makes it very difficult to make mistakes. The system will not allow you to process something unless all the correct fields are completed. It has defaults, which, if it thinks you have made a mistake will prompt a notice on screen asking you to confirm that it is OK to proceed or re-enter to correct.

Talisman7 does produce renewals and if the client has had a claim it will highlight that policy so that you have the up to date position. No more embarrassing situations of the account handler not knowing, that a claim had been reported.



Registration Screen


Records : Broker, Account Manager, Insured, Address, Trade and Premium Details including commissions.



Policy Schedule Screen


Records : Sums Insured, Warranties and Endorsements.



Claims Registration and Payment tracking


Records : Date of claim, Type of claim, claim details and Reserves.
Tracks all payments partial and complete





Automatic diary entries are made for Premiums due, Proposals due and Surveys due. Also, the user may enter a manual entry as required.



Proposal Reminder Letters


Talisman7 can produce up to three letters as a reminder that proposals are due. These letters are sent at defined intervals and can be set up with differing wordings as appropriate.





Numerous reports are already available ; including

Declaration Bordereaux
Statements of Account
Income Analysis
Premium Analysis
Claims Ratio Analysis
Trade Analysis
Daily Transaction Listings

All reports can be tailored to the individual’s requirements.





All correspondence can be held within Talisman7. Linking to Microsoft Word allows for merging of data in to the user defined template to speed up letter production.



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